My Family’s AmyloStory

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My Family’s AmyloStory

My mom, Gayle L. B., was diagnosed with Amyloidosis the summer of 2008.
Not too long after her diagnosis, her heart started to get weaker and had to get surgery at Allegheny General Hospital in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, (which is 2.5 hours away from where we live) to place an LVAD under her heart so it could help pump her heart for her.
She was in and out of the hospital for different appointments and procedures, but while she was there she was positive and being an inspiration not just other patients, but to the hospital staff.
She would sit and pray for the staff and surgeons before tests and procedures; and lifted spirits of those who entered her room. She said some of the hospital staff would come in her room just to be uplifted.
My mom was very strong and such a warrior during her fight.

She didn’t want to give up or throw in the towel. She wanted to fight the battle.

She didn’t want to give up or throw in the towel. She wanted to fight the battle.
November 27, 2008 she was home and was able to enjoy Thanksgiving with her family and even went shopping on Saturday, November 29, the day after Black Friday!
Once December came my mom’s body took a turn for the worse and was admitted to ICU at Allegheny General Hospital. In a matter of a day or two she went unconscious and was placed on a ventilator. The doctors who were working on her case this whole time took us to the side and told us we would have to make a decision on her behalf because since she was unconscious, unresponsive, and it was very unlikely she would pull out if that condition.
So December 5, she left this world to be with her Heavenly Father and suffer no more.
I have been sharing her story and awareness for the past 13 years. I want to continue to keep her legacy and memory alive.

My Family’s AmyloStory – Laura B. – United States